Must-Have Cooking Gadgets for Truckers

Life on the road ever got you craving more normalcy in your diet?  There is no doubt that burgers and fries can satisfy for a while, but what do you do when the desire for a home-cooked meal really sets in? We have identified several portable cooking gadgets that could help you satisfy your cravings, stay healthy, and save money.  

  1. Electric Skillet: Who doesn’t wish for a home-cooked meal from time to time? Investing in an electric skillet can be a fast and simple way to whip up a quick bite or even meal prep to have food ready when you are. There are many options available in different styles and price ranges so that you can find the best fit for your needs.
  2. Portable oven: A portable oven can offer a means of reheating leftovers without a microwave or even fully cooking raw food. Pop in your ingredients and get on the road- you’ll have a hot meal waiting for you when the timer goes off!
  3. Electric Grill: Grilling more your speed? Opt for a smokeless electric grill and enjoy your own little barbeque. We know that holidays are not always the same on the road. Grill up some steaks to restore some normalcy to your summer holidays.
  4. Travel Spice Rack:  Spice up your meals by investing in a travel spice rack. There are many models on the market, but we like this one that comes equipped with a sealable travel case and spill-proof lids. Having just a few spice options can really help to level up your meals and pair perfectly with the portable cooking gadgets listed above.
  5. Portable Blender: A portable blender is a great way to easily incorporate more colorful foods into your diet. Stock up on your favorite ingredients and blend up a quick fruit smoothie each morning before getting on the road.  
  6. AeroPress Coffee Maker: What’s a long drive without coffee? The AeroPress travel coffee press makes up to three cups of coffee and even converts into a portable mug. This gadget will help save space in your truck and keep you caffeinated without having to brave those truck stop coffee stations. 
  7. Vegetable Chopper: Chopping vegetables is a drag no matter the setting. This vegetable chopper will make your life so much easier as it comes with thirteen different blades made specifically for each veggie. Just pop in your onion, press down, and you’re done! This gadget is perfect for quick meal prep.
  8.  Portable Refrigerator: Lack of refrigeration can be an obstacle for truckers. While some trucks are equipped with small refrigerators, we have found a solution for those without. There are many portable refrigerator options, but we found that this one was the highest ranked among truck drivers. Stock up on your favorite ingredients and make mealtime easier!