Boy Scouts Assist Dying Truck Driver

On June 25, 2022, a crash took place in Mendon, Missouri involving an Amtrak train and a dump truck. On board the train were the sixteen members of Boy Scout Troops 73 and 12, ages 13 to 17 as well as 8 adults who offered help. The troops were returning from a nearly 100-mile backpacking trip in New Mexico according to Scott Armstrong, Boy Scouts of America Director of National Media Relations. Armstrong told People Magazine that after the accident happened, the Scouts took action using their first aid skills to help “extricate” people. He said they “held their own and did themselves proud” through the tragedy.

According to Missouri Highway Patrol, three people died as a result of the crash, including the driver of the dump truck. Boy Scout Patrol Leader, Eli, age 15, attempted first aid on the driver of the dump truck who was thrown from his truck into a ditch. He stayed by the driver’s side until he passed away.

A mother of one of the scouts, Nicole Tierney, said, “[I’m] very proud of how some of our boys helped with some of the injured passengers and how they were willing to put themselves aside. That’s just what Boy Scouts do.”

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