Hero Trucker Saves Dog

Jonathan Bolanos, a truck driver and carrier owner of Team Bolanos Trucking, came to a stop off the Jersey Turnpike around 11am and saw that traffic had stopped and people were out of their cars. Bolanos then saw a brown dog, that he later named “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” running towards him.  Bolanos said,  “I gently try to move onto the break down lane for it to pass me, but instead he went under it. My truck became a safe haven for the dog.”  People tried for more than an hour to get the dog to come out from under his truck. Finally employees of a wrecker service coaxed the dog out.

Bolanos said, “I am grateful to see the dog is safe and people were showing so much care. We can accomplish so much when we are all united and help. It’s amazing — when everybody comes together.”

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