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    Spinaline by Sacral Solutions

    On your next long haul? We have just the support you need! Have you heard of Sacral Solutions? Spinaline is a portable, adjustable seat insert. It offers unparalleled support and allows you to customize the degree of support to your exact liking. Spinaline fits most vehicle seats. If you are worried about sizing you can […] More

  • Big Rig

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    Big Rig

    Long time actor Vanessa Hudgens is set star as a female trucker in the upcoming film Big Rig. Hudgens, plays Bertie, a young mother who finds her freedom and discovers herself on the wide-open country roads as a truck driver. From a small town in Tennessee, she is in a financial bind as she and […] More

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    Relieve Back Pain with the Spinaline

    We met with truck drivers, who often spend between 8-14 hours in their trucks every day. We gave them the Spinaline to try for three months, and each of them said they saw a major improvement in their energy and alertness after long days behind the wheel. And they couldn’t get over the difference in […] More

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    Legislators optimistic about Ohio bill to provide resources for CDL training.

    There is a bill in Ohio presented by two legislators, that if passed would pay 50% of employer expenses to train truck drivers that are under a four-year tax credit capped at $25,000 per company. House bill 197 has been pending since a March 15 hearing. Co-sponsored by 52 legislators, (39-R and 13-D) and passed […] More

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    An economic indicator sheds light on the trucking industry

    The spot market rate can help us indicate not only the economy within trucking but for the nation at large as well. Most use a contract market to get their shipments and orders, having to wait weeks at a time, or use they can use a spot market as another option. Spot markets provide a […] More

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    Driver Carmen Anderson Awarded New Truck

    At America’s Service Line (ASL) in Green Bay, Wisconsin on May 3,2022, driver Carmen Anderson received the keys to a new Volvo Semi with Special Olympics wraps. Anderson has driven for 21 years and driven more than 2 million miles accident free. She was named a Women In Trucking’s Top Women to Watch in Transportation […] More

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    Situational Awareness….It’s not Just for Self Defense

    Situational awareness is often associated with self-defense. However, it is not limited to self-protection. A simple definition of situational awareness is having an awareness of your surroundings including what is happening around you and using that information to proactively respond to actions or events that may be a threat to you or cause you harm. […] More

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    How fleets are using Technology to control fuel consumption

    Increased levels of technology has been starting to make more of an appearance in the trucking industry, even more so as the cost of diesel continues to rise as it is already at an all time high. Due to such increasing costs, trucking companies are becoming more interested in technology that improves mile per gallon […] More

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    Meet Katy! Our Client Strategy Manager!

    Meet Katy Furnell, daughter of Lori Furnell and originally from Sherwood, AR. Katy services as our Client Strategy Manager at Truck Drivers U.S.A. She has been in the industry for about 4 years now and says that her favorite part is “getting to know people and finding the right solution for them!” Outside of trucking […] More

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