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    USDOT announces $59M in grant awards to improve safety at highway-railway crossings in four states

    The Trucker recently reported that the United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced a grant worth $59 million to help build safer crossings in the states of California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania. The grant was only possible thanks to the FHWA’s Commuter Authority Rail Safety Improvement (CARSI) program. The grants for […] More

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    What were some of the questions you asked as a rookie?

    Being a first-time truck driver can be hard and often intimidating. Drivers ask many common questions when they first start driving. Some of the most commonly asked questions in the industry are: How much does a trucker make on average the first year? How is it to drive in bad weather? What does the average […] More

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    Arizona is home to autonomous trucking’s ‘revolutionary tech and evolutionary pace’

    The combination of weather conditions and traffic patterns in Arizona has made it a key geographical location for testing autonomous tech on the roads and now adapting that same tech to semi-trucks. ABC15 investigated the revolutionary technology that some claim is changing the industry at a rapid pace. Everything from infrastructure to goods delivered to […] More

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    TKO Parkinson’s organizes event & programs to help fight the disease

    Two organizations based in Louisville, Ky., plan fun and fitness-focused activities to help those fighting Parkinson’s Disease. TKO Flight Club is a foundation that hosts pop-up bourbon tasting events to raise money and awareness to help fight Parkinson’s Disease. TKO Fight Club says it, “finds fun ways to introduce good bourbons to good folks.”  Their […] More

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    Federal Judge Strikes Down Rhode Island Truck Tolling Plan as Unconstitutional

    The Rhode Island Department of Transportation had a truck tolling plan struck down recently by a federal judge who deemed the plan unconstitutional. Transport Topics reported, “Because RhodeWorks fails to fairly apportion its tolls among bridge users based on a fair approximation of their use of the bridges, [it] was enacted with a discriminatory purpose […] More

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