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    How to prepare for a hurricane as a truck driver.

    As Hurricane Ian passes through the Caribbean and is heading towards Florida, their Governor has declared a state of emergency and we want to provide tips to equip you if you are trucking in Florida. Here are some general tips that could help you at any point in trucking: Perform a vehicle inspection before leaving […] More

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    What was the hardest maneuver to learn when you first started driving a truck?

    Many first-time truckers need training on the different maneuvers special to trucking. Many express how backing in can be the most difficult or even just making a wide turn in a narrow street. Smart Trucking reported that backing up is not only one of the leading causes to truck and property damage, but those with […] More

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    Van Crashes into Fuel Truck in Hyde Park, Causing Spill

    NBC Boston reported a van hit a gasoline truck early Monday morning causing gallons of fuel to spill on the street. According to the Boston Fire Department, the van collided with the truck around 3:30 a.m. Monday on the 1100 block of Hyde Park Avenue. According to the department, the crash caused 50-60 gallons of […] More

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    Senate promoting truck parking access

    During a recent hearing on supply chain connectivity, two members of the Senate committee on highway policy expressed concern about insufficient parking for the nation’s truckers. Transport Topics reported that for years, transportation policymakers and industry stakeholders have been warning about insufficient parking spaces for commercial vehicle drivers. Republican Sens. John Boozman of Arkansas told […] More

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