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    Shooter Fires Shots at Semi Truck in Kansas

    A semi-truck in Kansas City, Kansas was fired at 10 times by a shooter in a passenger vehicle this week. The incident occurred as the truck had just exited I-70 onto James Street according to local news outlet KCTV5. The tractor had a camera and detectives are reviewing the footage as part of their investigation. […] More

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    Driver Appreciation Week 2020 Could Be Best Yet for Truck Drivers

    In a year where #ThankATrucker has outweighed millions of hashtags across the Internet, truck drivers can be confident this year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week should be one to remember.  After the industry has lost over 88,000 truck driver jobs in 2020 due to COVID-19 and the pandemic’s economic impact, drivers are ready for some […] More

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    Hauling Meth Through Texas: Not A Good Idea

     Federal agents checking for shipments of cobblestones and auto equipment from Mexico this week discovered more than $18 million in methamphetamine in busts near Laredo, Texas.  According to port authorities, the upsurge of drug trafficking has become a serious international heath and security threat. Since July 15, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have […] More

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    Four-wheeler doesn’t notice stopped semi on shoulder, leads to fatal crash

    SANTA CLARITA, CA. – A child and three adults died in a firey crash Thursday night. The incident involved a semi truck parked on the side of highway 5, and an SUV. According to California Highway Patrol, the accident took place just after 7:30 p.m. on the northbound 5 Freeway at Calgrove Boulevard, just north […] More

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    Drugs, needles, litter freeway after multiple semis collide

    CUT AND SHOOT, TX – Deputies say a semi was rear ended by a big rig hauling oil field equipment early Friday morning. The trucks were headed down State Highway 105 in Cut N’ Shoot, Texas when the the rig slammed into a truck loaded with medical supplies and prescription drugs. The collision caused the […] More

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    Distracted driving may have caused vehicle to T-bone semi

    West Bloomfield Township, Mich. – Friday morning in Michigan an SUV plowed into the trailer of an 18-wheeler. According to Local 4 News, the accident occurred in the westbound lane on 14 mile Road, just west of Haggerty Road. A witness said the semi was stuck as he tried to back in to the Kroger […] More

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    This 1 million pound super load is on a 7 day trek across state lines

    “It’s longer than a football field and weighs more than 13 fully loaded tractor trailers” LARAMIE, WY – These massive loads will be hauling over a million pounds to Colorado for the rest of this week. The second load passed through Laramie, Wyoming on Oct. 29 and the third load is awaiting final clearance from […] More

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    Missing trucker arrested after cops find him with no pants on.

    GRAVES COUNTY, KY – On Wednesday, after being unable to contact the driver of their truck, D2 Express called the Graves County Sheriff’s Office. The company’s GPS located the semi traveling on Interstate 69 near Mayfield. According to WPSD Local 6, the truck was found at mile marker 18 on I-69, with the driver inside. […] More

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