10 hilarious DOT signs keeping our highways safe

In the last few years, transportation officials have started to find fun ways to deliver some serious safety messages to drivers. We thought these signs might give truck drivers a good laugh while on the highway.

Photo: Illinois Department of Transportation

The Illinois Department of Transportation seems to be having fun finding ways to get drivers to slow down, especially when Solo: A Star Wars Story was released.

Photo: Arizona Department of Transportation

Transportation officials in Arizona have their priorities straight.


Photo: Arizona Department of Transportation

ADOT knows how you’re spending St. Patrick’s Day. Get a designated driver! 

Photo: Sam Dunklau, NPR Illinois

Illinois legalized marijuana in 2020 and IDOT wasted no time finding punny ways to get people to stop driving stoned.


Photo: Utah Department of Transportation

 UDOT teamed up with Zero Fatalities to come up with clever overhead signs to get Utahns to drive safer — and they succeeded.


Photo: Utah Department of Transportation

In 2017, they wished drivers a road rage-free holiday.


Photo: Wisconsin Department of Transportation

The day after the Oscars, Wisconsin officials gave drivers this clever reality check.

Photo: Colorado Department of Transportation

CDOT made this cheeky joke (get it?) to get drivers to pay attention to the road.

Photo: Nevada Highway Patrol

This NDOT sign went viral in 2019 for good reason – it’s called the passing lane, not the camping lane.

Photo: Ohio Department of Transportation

ODOT allows drivers to submit message ideas for their overhead traffic signs, resulting in some pretty clever ideas. Their 4th of July message was as poignant as it was funny.