10 truck drivers share their best advice to rookies on Reddit

Reddit’s r/Truckers page is home to some of the most useful, funny and relatable content from CDL-A truck drivers on the internet. Here is some of the best advice from 10 veteran truckers who took to Reddit to help out the next generation of drivers:

“Always carry heavy duty contractors’ bags and toilet paper. Emergencies happen, and you’re not always parked next to a bathroom. As gross as it sounds, its grosser to not have these items.” – u/cheesecake-gnome

“Fuel islands are not for your 30, your washroom break, your snack refill, or a place to wash your truck. Park that s*** and get out of the island.” – u/VictorHelios1

“The trick with being an owner operator … it’s not about what truck you buy, or how much you buy it for. It’s about find a GOOD and HONEST mechanic to work on it for you.” – u/OSRSgamerkid

“Take your time when backing up ANYWHERE. That means truck stop, shippers, receivers, etc. etc. Don’t ever let anyone rush you when backing because if you hit something, it’s your fault. When backing into a spot at a truck stop, turn your CB off. Listening to everyone piss and moan over the radio about how slow you’re backing will only distract you. Take your time and always make sure you get out and look all around your truck and trailer.” – u/Foodspec

“Google satellite view and street view are great to scope out your delivery and parking locations ahead of time.” – u/shadowmib

“Talk to people! Don’t be a hermit… you’ll meet some people you’d never ordinarily run into. I’m canadian and ran both us and Canada, met some really cool guys dropping off at construction sites and other random customers.” – u/mythicohio

“Buy a rechargeable battery powered leaf blower instead of a broom. You’ll thank me for 1 million years.” – u/danf6975

“Stay out the hammer lane if you can’t go faster than 68. And if you someone rolling up about to pass you and you’re behind another slower truck, let us pass then take your sweet a** time passing if you want…last thing we need is to slam hit breaks while we going 75-80.” – u/Lilrompetoto

“Get yourself one of those painters Home Depot disposable suit. Something like $9-12 bucks you know you will be coming from underneath that truck all greased up and dirty. You don’t want to dirty up your personal car after or have to change out.” – u/yes-disappointment

“Get a good seat, and if you can’t do that, get a good seat cushion. The Purple brand ultimate seat cushion is great for skinny drivers and normal sized truckers.” – u/aqualad783