8 tips to help strengthen your relationship with your family!

Family time is very important to many truck drivers, as well as finding other creative ways to keep as close to their families as possible. Truck News recognizes that many drivers “can spend long hours and sometimes days or weeks on the road before snatching a few hours at home, only to quickly return to work.”

Here are 8 tips to help you better nurture your familial relationships, especially being on the road for long periods of time.

  1. Commit to rituals of connections: Whether that’s phone calls every day, or texts every night, do something on a regular basis to create healthy expectations and something to look forward to.
  2. Focus on in-person conversations: Focusing on in-person conversations can improve your relationship when you only have so much time with them. That could mean shortening the time you talk on the phone to save those conversations.
  3. Outsource the practical stuff: If you have the means, pay to outsource the things you can. Such as grocery deliveries, childcare, after-school programs, and more.
  4. Watch for signs that something is amiss: Notice when patterns and habits are no longer occurring regularaly. It could be an indicator that something is wrong.
  5. Human contact before tech: Many of us are used to reaching for our phones first thing in the morning. If possible, make human contact with your partner or loved ones when home.
  6. Solve the solvable problems: Make sure all your livelihood maintenance is done. Your meals and bills should always be taken care of. Make sure you are getting regular check-ups. Car maintenance should be done. Make sure you’re doing all the things to ensure a well-oiled machine!
  7. Commit to 5 minutes a day: When you are home it is important to commit to 5 minutes of talking and catching up with your spouse, child or loved one. Make sure to initiate physical contact like holding hands.
  8. Make happy choices: Drivers are excited to be home and make happy decisions like taking the family out or staying in together. Always ask how your family is feeling to see if everyone has the same idea or not.