A truck stop worker walked 6 miles to and from work each day — until police did something amazing for her

A Sheriff’s Office in the state of Kansas went above and beyond to help a Love’s truck stop worker who was spotted walking several miles to and from work each day.

On Tuesday, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office shared the story of how their community came together to support a young mother working at a Love’s truck stop to help provide for her two small children.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that they for about two weeks, they received numerous calls about a woman seen walking on 59 Highway between Ottawa and Princeton at around 7 a.m. each day.

Each time they were called, a deputy would locate the woman and give her a lift to save her from the chilly walk along the highway.

During these contacts with the woman, officers learned that she walked six miles to work each day (and six miles home) to support her two children.

“The woman made several comments about how she had to walk so she could feed her children and was very driven and motivated to take care of her family any way she could,” the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said.

After giving the woman a ride on December 9, deputies came together to form a plan to help the woman.

On December 15, through donations from citizens and businesses, deputies were able to gift the woman with a van, two new car seats, a Price Chopper gift card, the registration for the van, and the first year of car insurance along with $200.

“I am very proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. This is not just something they did, this shows who they are. I am proud of who they are! This is an example of their commitment to serve our community. Sgt Jesse Vega and his patrol team saw a need and worked to fill it. Working with other members of the Sheriff’s Office and community members, they were able to bless someone in a way that words cannot express,” said Sheriff Jeff Richards.

In the video below, you can watch as the woman is barely able to contain her joy over the touching gift.