American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame opens in Kansas City

The American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) has announced a new hall of fame to celebrate major transportation industry contributors and award winners. The American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame (ATIL Hall of Fame) is built around honoring all industry awards and safety recognition programs, including the well-established ATHS Awards program.

Located in the ATHS Home Office, in Kansas City, Mo., the ATIL Hall of Fame can now invite all company and industry organizations to display their awards programs as part of the overall trucking industry experience, alongside the ATHS Visitors Center and the world-renowned Zoe James Memorial Library.

“For too long trucking professionals have been receiving prestigious awards, only to then be forgotten,” said Laurence Gration, ATIL Hall of Fame Executive Director. “The ATIL Hall of Fame will allow proper recognition to continue and expand the awareness of the excellent work trucking professionals do as they contribute daily to our society.”

In a short time, it is expected that the American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame will be the destination for all those interested in the contribution the industry has made and makes each day as it touches the lives of every one of us.

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