ATA calls on Governor Abbot to rescind his Redundant Inspection Initiative

The President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations recently made an announcement regarding Governor Abbot’s initiative to enhance the safety inspection initiative for commercial trucks entering through Texas. Spears ensured that the ATA is a supporter of border security but thinks that what is being proposed is flawed and is an added stressor to a supply chain that is already going though many different strainers.

Abbot is proposing multiple screenings for commercial vehicles at the Mexican border. Spear believes that these added steps will create a negative and downward impact hurting more businesses than helping them. Considering Mexico is the largest trading partner into the United States through Texas, with 3.3 million loaded truck entries in 2021, it is important that matters are not made more difficult for an already suffering supply chain. Trucks carry so many necessities for our everyday lives like food, car parts, cars, among others, so the insurance of having a smooth supply chain or making sure we are not adding to it is vital for the trucking industry. Abbot’s initiative will cause congestion in hauls getting to and from their destinations. It will impact the lives of hard-working Americans and the national economy more than expected. Spear says, “We ask the Governor to scrap his misguided scheme immediately”.