Brake Safety Week 2022 a success for many

While the transnational Brake Safety Week was in August, results are just now open for public comment. Almost 87% of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) that were inspected during the week dedicated to brake safety passed with zero brake-related violations, according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico all participated in Brake Safety Week where 38,117 CMVs were inspected across the three countries. Out of that 38,117 only 5,059 were required to go out of service (OOS).

There were 34,402 U.S. CMVs inspected during Brake Safety Week, accounting for a majority of the total. From that five-digit number only 4,664, or 13.6%, had to be placed out of service. This follows slightly ahead of the 2021 percentage of 13.5%.

Comparatively, Canada saw a much more significant increase of their OOS violations. This year the country inspected 1,975 vehicles and defined 351, or 17.8%, as having OOS violations. In 2021, the country conducted 1,903 inspections with 15.4% of those vehicles having OOS violations.

Mexico saw the smallest number of vehicles with OOS violations. They inspected 1,740 CMVs and just 44, or 2.5%, had to be placed out of service. This rate is close to the one the country saw in 2021.

The focus for 2022’s Brake Safety Week was to crack down on brake hose/tube violations. There were 6,305 brake hose/tube violations identified and accounted for. There were prescribed levels for brake hose chafing, with two of those levels mandating OOS violations.

The week also saw 11 geographical areas host performance-based brake tests. Out of the 392 CMVs tested for braking performance, 29 failed the test with an out of service rate of 7%.

Drivers should expect 2023’s Brake Safety Week to happen from Aug. 20 to Aug. 26. Additionally, there will be one day of unannounced inspections that can happen at any time of the year.