Charlotte parking deck closed after cement truck causes it to buckle

Charlotte, N.C. – After a “partial failure” on a parking deck on East Morehead Street in Charlotte, building inspectors and crew worked to ensure that it was okay to proceed operations. According to the Charlotte Fire Department stated, “The top level of the parking deck partially failed under the back wheels of a loaded, dry mix concrete truck around noon.” The cement truck was reported to weigh an estimated 100,000 pounds. The inspector continued to work on a strategy for removing the truck.

The firefighters have placed a temporary support system to hold the deck up. “We are worried about catastrophic failure of the parking deck, so, again, we are following the lead of the structural engineers to determine what we are going to do going forward,” Charlotte Fire Department Capt. Jackie Gilmore said. There were no reported injuries. They were able to remove the cement truck by 4 PM, as confirmed by the fire department. The parking deck is located near South Boulevard and Interstate 277. The fire department had different personnel remain in the area as the investigation continued.