Charting a New Course: Journey of A Truck Driver-Turned-Author

Gordon (Flash) Horton
Photo: Newswires

Gordon (Flash) Horton is a man of many talents. He has seen the world as a long-haul trucker and experienced an array of interesting things along his journey. His imprints on the literary landscape include two books in print for his fictional series, plus multi-part autobiographical works about life on the road. In addition to authoring fascinating stories, Horton adds value to society through poetry, philosophical musings, and creative pursuits like artisanry and craftsmanship which he continually explores and expands upon with gusto.

Horton says his life experiences are what ultimately motivated him to create something that would not just entertain the general public, but inspire them as well. Readers of his books may find themselves laughing at one moment, and with tears in their eyes the next. What’s more is that these relatable stories teach life lessons, allowing readers to apply Horton’s wisdom to their own lives.

Gordon Horton, lauded author of five different countries and multiple books across genres, has captivated readers worldwide with his two-part autobiography I Drove a Crooked Mile, the poetry series Dead Tree Scrolls volumes one and two; as well as the current adventure-drama book installments from his acclaimed Torn Curtain series, which has two books and plans to extend to five. Now comes word that he is undertaking yet another project: an intimate exploration of writing Entitled Reflections of a Reluctant Poet.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout his life, the author’s literary works are undeniably captivating. Through humor and wit readers can not only be entertained but also gain invaluable insight into humankind – all while enjoying an enjoyable read.


Source: Newswires