CloudTrucks Surveys Americans on the Importance of Truck Parking

semi truck silhouetted in a sunset

CloudTrucks, an IT-based provider that supports commercial truck driving, recently published the results of a truck parking issues survey released to around 1,000 American adults. The respondents responded that they value the skills of professional truck drivers and the services they provide, but they don’t want their trucks parked near their homes.

In totality, only 44% of the adults surveyed were aware that truck parking is an issue commercial truck drivers are facing. The survey also showed that around 21% of respondents didn’t know that many truck drivers sleep in the cabs which points to a general lack of understanding of the inconvenience and safety risks professional drivers encounter with a lack of parking facilities.

After these facts were explained to the adults being surveyed, 86% notated that truck parking is a serious issue and the majority (95%) supported the construction of overnight parking facilities for commercial truck drivers… as long as these facilities are at least 3 miles from their homes.

Out of the 1,000 American adults surveyed, 80% asserted that in order for them to support overnight parking facilities, they needed to be located a minimum of three miles from their homes. This response was paired with two-thirds of respondents calling on additional government funding to help the parking shortage; 43% of respondents notating their support for relaxed zoning and land use regulations if it created more land for parking; and 40% supported tax incentives being given to truck stop operators to create additional parking.

CloudTrucks’ survey showed that Americans realize the challenging aspects of a professional truck drivers’ job and many of the respondents said they feel drivers are overworked and 58% agreed they are also underpaid. This understanding from the adults surveyed gives the CloudTrucks executive team hope, even though the public has adopted a “not-in-my-backyard” perspective.

“[It’s important that] resources provided to truck drivers are proportional to how much we value their service to our economy,” said Tobenna Arodiogbu, co-founder and CEO of CloudTrucks.

Source: Freightwaves