Corey Parker named Highway Angel

Corey Parker, a driver from Kenansville, North Carolina, has been named a Highway Angel for his actions on June 21, 2022 while driving south of Ashland, Virginia.

Describing a Lexus driving erratically, Parker stated, “They smacked the barrier again and then went out to the middle of the road and then in and smacked the barrier again. I thought, something’s definitely going on.”

Using his truck, Parker slowed the car to around 10-15 mph when it hit a barrier. He said, “I knew that was the time to get in front of them.”  He then got out of his truck and hurried to the car and found an unconscious driver with a Narcan pen in his lap. Police responded quickly to the scene and took over.

Parker later shared that the driver of the Lexus has since contacted him and thanked him for saving his life. Parker stated, “I’m in the process of helping him get into rehab.”

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