CVSA’s 2023 enforcement campaigns

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) annually runs a variety of enforcement campaigns, and they just released the dates for those anticipated in 2023, as reported by Commercial Carrier Journal.

The first campaign in 2023 is the three-day International Roadcheck event. This event is where inspectors certified by CVSA conduct compliance, educational, and enforcement activities directed at elements of motor carrier, driver, and vehicle safety. It is planned for May 16-18.

The International Roadcheck event began in 1988, and now, it carries the distinction as the largest targeted enforcement program for commercial motor vehicle safety and compliance. In the 72-hours the event is running, nearly 15 vehicles will be inspected every minute. As many as 1.4 million inspections have taken place during Roadcheck since its 1988 beginning.

Aside from setting record numbers of inspection, the event also spreads awareness and education on the importance of commercial vehicle safety and roadside inspection procedures.

The next event set to take place in 2023 will last for a week from July 9 to July 15. The event is Operation Safe Driver Week and will further efforts at reducing distracted driving and other unsafe habits for both passenger drivers and commercial drivers. The week will feature both educational traffic enforcement tactics and interaction with law enforcement officials.

This interaction will come in the form of law enforcement keeping an eye out for on-the-road risky driving behaviors, and then if such behavior is identified, issuing the driver a citation of a warning.

Operation Safe Driver Week was selected as an event because data reflects that interaction with law enforcement in the context of being pulled over for risky driving habits, reduces those habits. The goal of the week is to increase the safety of U.S. roadways.

Late August will see another event centered around driver safety. August 20 to August 26 will be Brake Safety Week, followed by a surprise one-day initiative to enforce brake safety.

The six announced days of Brake Safety Week and the additional day that will not have an announced date will be dedicated to inspectors conducting Level IV Inspections on trucks and buses throughout the United States. The inspections are apart of an effort to identify and fix brake-system issues or violations.

It goes without saying that braking systems on vehicles are vital. And while they’re made to hold up and preserve in commercial vehicles, they also must be inspected regularly so that any maintenance issues can be handled appropriately.

If brake systems are not properly maintained, they could create a serious threat to commercial vehicle drivers and others they share the roadway with. Implementing clear efforts to increase the inspection and in turn, maintenance, of braking systems will increase public safety.

The CVSA’s enforcement campaigns work toward the goal of making roadways safer and improving conditions for both commercial and passenger drivers.