Does pepper spray really matter?

Have you ever bought pepper spray? There are so many different shapes and sizes you can get. There are a few different factors we can take into consideration before picking the best one for you!

Environment: You want to ask yourself in what kind of primary environment you will be carrying the pepper spray. What is your primary reason for protection? Do you live in a highly populated city? Or do you live in a quiet neighborhood and want protection going on your daily walks?

We have four different sizes of pepper spray:

.5 oz Pepper Spray:

  • “key chain” pepper spray
  • Easily carry and conceal
  • Deliver 6-10 1-2 second bursts (good if dealing with a single attacker)
  • 6-8 feet spray range.

The only thing to keep in mind with this one is that most people will not release the spray after a few seconds due to stress. Using more spray in less time.

2 oz. Pepper Spray:

  • Small and easy to carry – most officers carry this size
  • Deliver 20-30 1-2 second bursts
  • 12 – 15 feet spray range
  • More room for error

9 oz. / 16 oz. Pepper Spray:

  • Able to disperse large amounts of spray (good to handle an angry group around your car)
  • The 16 oz. can clear an entire intersection
  • Referred to as “Bear Spray” or “Wildlife Spray”

Before making a decision on which one you’d like to carry, be aware of the relevant laws and regulations as some states have restrictions.

Written TDUSA