Driver Kais Sorour works to ensure the safety of others on the road

Kaia is a 50-year-old independent contractor and he has worked to save the lives of those around him. As reported by The Trucker, “on January 29, 2020, Sorour watched as an accident unfolded on the roadway. A car, several vehicles ahead of him, rolled, landing upside down”. After calling for emergency services he approached the car to see if he could break the window open to get the male occupant out of the vehicle. With the vehicle beginning to smoke, the occupant was stuck in the seatbelt, but Sorour cut the belt and was able to safely get him out.

Due to his quick decision and bravery, Pennsylvania State Sen. Camera Bartolotta presented Sorour with a citation. “She is a great senator who encourages me and asked me to be honored with a citation. The first time I heard of it, I thought she was giving me a ticket”. The citation has his name and achievements recorded in the history of Pennsylvania. This is not the first time Sorour has done a heroic act; he had a similar incident in 2009 as well. Click here to learn more about his heroic efforts.