Driver ‘Really did think he had been shot’

Just after midnight on Friday, 64-year-old Rob Simmerman had an object plummet through his windshield.

He was driving down Cesar Chavez Boulevard in Pueblo, Colorado when “all of a sudden, the windshield exploded.”

Simmerman has been a truck driver for over 12 years and says he has never had anything like this happen before.

He described the experience as sounding “like a gunshot went off in my face,”

“The windshield, I could see, had a large hole in it, and then I also felt a lot of pain in my right hand.”

The object slammed into Simmerman’s hand, bounced off, and hit him in the temple.

“I knew something was very wrong, but I didn’t have a good idea of what had happened.

Simmerman called 911.

According to local news station the responding officers identified that there was a hole in both the front windshield as well as in the back window. They searched the truck for any evidence of a bullet or that there had been some sort of gun shot – neither was found. They did however find fragmented pieces of rock throughout the back of the cab. Officials believe that someone intentionally threw a rock at the truck.

It was a “large, 6-inch diameter stone,” Simmerman said, describing the weapon.

Officials are currently searching for leads on the rock heaving miscreant who could face charges for second-degree assault.

“This isn’t fun and games. It’s life and death,” Simmerman said.

This story could have been much worse, had the rock been a direct hit to the face, Simmerman may not have lived to tell the story.

The local news station states that Simmerman suffered an eye injury and likely has a broken hand. He’ll be out of work for the next few weeks.

Anyone with information on this case are asked to call police 719-553-2502. For those with information who prefer to stay anonymous, please call Crime Stoppers at 719-542-STOP.