Driver rescues fellow trucker during snowstorm crash

Truck drivers often see dangerous situations on the road but aren’t always in a position to help. That opportunity came up during a snowstorm a few weeks ago in Michigan and truck driver Bruce Stremmel jumped into action.


According to Macomb Daily newspaper based in Detroit, Stremmel was driving his regular route from Detroit to Chicago when he faced darkness and poor visibility due to snow on Interstate 94. From his cab, Stremmel could see the lights of other vehicles and just outside of Benton Harbor, he spotted the headlights of another semi-tractor trailer going sideways, before it jackknifed, and smashed into the center guardrails.


As other drivers passed by, Stremmel pulled over immediately, called police and ran to the crashed vehicle. “I didn’t think twice about doing it,” he said.


Stremmel was able to force the door open and could see the driver was severely injured with what appeared to be a broken leg. He got the injured man out of the cab, over the guardrail and to his own truck, where they could stay warm while waiting for first responders to arrive.


Being an experienced truck driver, Stremmel knew both he and the injured driver were in a risky situation.


“It was a pretty dangerous night,” he told the Macomb Daily. “I was scared – I’m like – we’re in a bad situation. If another truck loses control, we’re done.”


The injured driver was transported to a local hospital and while Stremmel never knew his identity, the rescuer was contacted by the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), which awarded him with a Highway Angel award for rescuing a fellow truck driver.


“I didn’t expect anything. I was just happy to be able to help someone,” said Stremmel, who has been a truck driver for more than 17 years.


The TCA’s Highway Angel program has been recognizing good-hearted truck drivers since August of 1997. Since then, nearly 1,300 truckers have been recognized as Highway Angels for exemplary kindness, courtesy and courage displayed while on the job. For more information visit


Story courtesy of Macomb Daily.