Driver shares 31 years of trucking wisdom using TikTok

A seasoned trucker and Navy veteran has gained quite a following on Tik Tok by sharing his past and current experiences from the road.

Darrel, known as bama_daz on Tik Tok, has an impressive 84.8K followers and a total of 1.4M likes along with his 31 years in the trucking industry.

“Trucking has been good to me, and I’ve paid it forward quite a few times and I’m going to continue to keep paying it forward,” Darrell said in one video. “It’s up to us truckers to unite together as one big happy family as we used to be… if a trucker has a question and they want to ask it of me, if I don’t have the answer, by God, we’ll research it and get the answer together.”

Darrell’s wise teacher-like persona and his knowledge gained from years on the road combine in a variety of videos about lessons for inexperienced drivers.

He covers everything from the intricate mapping system in the U.S. to the importance of pre-trip safety checks, to emotionally adapting to the trucking lifestyle.

Darrell’s Tik Tok page has grown to be an outlet for those new to the community and is a place for truckers to learn tips and tricks that might save them from making the same mistakes Darrell did in his past.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me ‘how could I drive a truck for 31 years, over 4 million miles?’ Just imaging the things I’ve seen across this country. Little tiny towns becoming major metros, fields being planted and harvested every year, never knowing the farmer’s name…If you love what you do you never work a day in your life,” said Darrell in one video. “Friend if you’re sitting behind that steering wheel and all you’re worried about is how much money you can make, you’re not a trucker. Me making money, that’s a bonus for what I do, so just remember life is what you make it, each load is a new adventure.”

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