‘Fake cops’ pulled over and tried to rob a trucker

Authorities are asking drivers to use extra caution after two police impersonators attempted to rob a truck driver on Monday morning in Alberta, Canada.

According to police, the robbery attempt occurred around 10:40 a.m. on November 2 on Highway 41, near Consort, Alberta.

Police said that a semi truck driver traveling south was pulled over by an older model Crown Victoria sedan with a light bar.

Two suspects exited the car. The truck driver immediately noticed that they were not wearing uniforms and confronted them after they demanded money from him.

The suspects fled the scene and were last spotted heading southbound on Highway 41 towards Consort.

The truck driver did not see any weapons on either suspect.

Police issued descriptions of the suspects:

  • Caucasian
  • Short brown hair
  • 5’8 – 6’0
  • Early 20’s in age
  • Black sweaters
  • Blue jeans with white shoes

Police also described the vehicle the suspects were driving:

  • Older white Crown Victoria (car) with black rims
  • Light bar on top of roof, in front and back of vehicle
  • May have a large number on top of the roof “10”
  • Decals which are believed to be similar to RCMP
  • No license plate was visible

Alberta police have confirmed that no white Crown Victorias are being used for policing in Alberta by RCMP. They also say that no police officer who is out of uniform would ever perform a traffic stop. If you are unsure whether the traffic stop is legitimate, you are encouraged to call 911 to confirm.

Anyone who spots the suspects or vehicle is asked not to approach and to contact police immediately. You can reach the Consort RCMP at 403-578-3666.