Fifth Extension Provided to Iowa Truck Drivers, Staying Informed on Emergency Declarations is Vital

Truck delivering harvested onion on the interstate, California


Iowa has extended its harvest proclamation once again, marking the fifth extension of the order initially implemented in September.

The latest extension prolongs its effectiveness until Feb. 23. The proclamation allows vehicles transporting corn, soybeans, hay, straw, silage, stover, fertilizer, and manure to exceed weight limits without requiring a permit.

This relief is applicable to loads on all Iowa highways except the interstate system, with the condition that loads do not surpass 90,000 pounds gross weight or the maximum axle weight and adhere to posted limits on roads and bridges.

“Large amounts of agricultural truck traffic throughout the state (have) hastened the need for efficient and effective collection of the harvest,” the order said.

In a noteworthy development, a new FMCSA rule implemented in mid-December shortened the relief period provided during emergencies from 30 days to 14 days.

The FMCSA stated that this adjustment aims to ensure that emergency declarations’ relief is appropriately tailored to specific situations. However, opponents, including the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), argued that the FMCSA failed to provide adequate evidence or an explanation supporting the rule change.

“We are unclear on exactly why FMCSA is proposing these regulatory changes at this time,” the Association wrote. “The agency has no information that suggests that existing emergency exemptions have negatively impacted road safety.”

OOIDA, in collaboration with the National Propane Gas Association, has taken action by requesting a response to a filed petition and seeking clarity and precision in the final rule.

Staying informed about such regulatory changes is crucial for truck drivers, ensuring they navigate their routes in compliance with updated rules and regulations, especially during emergency declarations that impact weight restrictions.

For an easily accessible resource about road conditions, including full-scale road maps that reflect any major changes in the wake of emergency declarations, click here.



Source: Land Line