Florida Trucker Named Highway Angel for Rescuing Motorcyclist

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Paul PelleritoTruck driver Paul Pellerito, working for Melton Truck Lines, recently became a Highway Angel when he went above and beyond to help an injured man involved in a motorcycle accident.

The incident took place on a highway onramp in San Antonio around 7:15 a.m. on Saturday, June 17. Pellerito, heading from I-35 northbound onto the I-10 onramp, noticed a man desperately waving for help near the road. As he approached, he saw the man’s crashed motorcycle about 50 feet away, and it was clear that the man had suffered severe injuries to his head and leg.

Pellerito immediately sprang into action, stopping alongside another concerned passerby, to offer aid to the injured man. Without hesitation, Pellerito’s quick thinking and compassion made a significant difference in the man’s moment of crisis.

“We dragged him off the highway to the side of the road,” Pellerito said. “I saw that he was cut up and bleeding pretty bad on his face and his lip, so I ran to my truck and got him a towel to put pressure there.”

A 20-year Navy veteran, Pellerito, who only has one year of experience driving a truck, called 911 and grabbed a pillow from his truck, using it to elevate the injured person’s head while lying on the side of the road. Pellerito stayed on the phone with emergency responders until the EMS team arrived at the scene.

“It was somebody in despair,” he said. “He was frantically waving — when you see somebody like that, you just have to do the right thing; it’s a pay it forward type deal.”


Source: Highway Angel