Hauling dreams: Husband-and-wife driving team transports precious cargo for car enthusiast

Alan and Karen Wrobel are a Florida based couple who have both been behind the wheel for Reliable Carriers for about a decade. They are not transporting your fresh produce or tons of paper, but a unique cargo of luxury vehicles and rare/vintage automobiles. They get the chance to transport and experience some of the most exclusive pieces in the world and have even sat in and driven some too. From highly known pieces, to cars they can’t even tell you they transported. They delivered Jay Leno his new GT once! The kinds of cars that they would pick up and transport were worth more than most homes in the country. In their daily endeavors, Karen is the designated driver while her husband handles the other responsibilities outside of the driver’s seat. They have so many firsts under their belts due to the nature of the cars they are moving. In some cases, they’ve even been the first to drive a given make or even model on its way to their owner for the first time. That’s how exclusive these products are. They’ve experienced so much while picking up cars from different places. From picking up from movie sets and being met with paparazzi to get a glimpse at such rare automobiles to being the first to drive these cars, they have created a lifestyle delivering people their dream cars, providing movies with exclusivity and so much more.