HDT to Host Free Webinar on Zero-Emission Trucks

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Heavy Duty Trucking is hosting a special webinar on September 26th at 1 p.m. eastern time. In this webinar, they will dive into the topic of zero-emission trucks and their adoption in the industry.

Titled “Zero-Emission Trucks Today and Tomorrow,” this webinar is part 3 of their series, “Road to Zero,” in which they will be addressing the numerous challenges faced by fleet managers when it comes to decarbonizing trucking.

One area of particular concern for fleet managers is the adoption of battery-electric trucks. They will address the questions and challenges surrounding this topic, helping you navigate the push to decarbonize transportation in a practical and informative way.

Discover the Ins and Outs of Electric Truck Operations in the Real World

In the webinar you’ll hear firsthand from industry leaders who have successfully integrated electric trucks into their fleet operations. Gain valuable insights from the North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s Run on Less Electric Depot project.

During this informative session, we will explore key questions such as:

  • What are the best applications for electric trucks right now?
  • How can the challenges of charging be effectively managed?
  • What maintenance considerations are involved with electric trucks?
  • Are there ways to increase the range of battery electric vehicles?
  • What financing options are available for electric truck adoption?
  • Is it possible to future-proof your electric vehicle journey?
  • What role will hydrogen fuel cells play in the future of electric trucks?

Meet the Panelists

The discussion will be led by HDT editor and associate publisher and will feature a panel of experts including:

  • Rick Mihelic, Director Emerging Technologies, North American Council for Freight Efficiency. Learn from Mihelic’s valuable insights on NACFE’s Run on Less Electric – Depot project and their research on zero-emission trucks.
  • Brad Bayne, VP of Strategic Initiatives, 4 Gen Logistics. Discover how Bayne and his team are leading the charge to create the first all-zero-emission drayage fleet in North America by 2025.
  • Andrew Erin, Vice President, Technology Advancement, PGT Trucking. Find out how PGT Trucking is embracing innovation with their dedicated transportation run using a Class 8 zero-emissions truck.

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Source: Trucking Info