High diesel fuel costs hurting truckers and farmers in South Dakota

High diesel fuel prices are not only impacting truckers but are also influencing farmers in South Dakota. Employees, truckers, and business owners all rely heavily on diesel fuel to get their jobs done, and with fuel costs continuing to increase, goods and foods have been on a rise as well. Operators in the industry are trying to find ways to cut fuel costs as much as possible during this time.

According to Argus Leader, “as of June 21, the average diesel price in South Dakota was $5.39 per gallon, below the national average but up almost 42% compared to a year ago”. The highest national average was $5.81 on June 19. With South Dakota farmers facing delayed planting, storm damages, product shortages and fuel costs, crops and livestock are in a threatened state. With companies spending more on shipping and delivery and “inflation sitting at 8.6% as of May, some of the higher transportation costs may be transferred to consumers,” the American Trucking Association said.