High school preparing students for careers in transportation

The Metrans International Urban Freight conference, held in Long Beach, California, was not only a stage for leaders in the industry, but students from Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo High School attended as well. They were there to observe and learn about the kinds of futures they could have in the transportation industry. According to Transport Topics “about 25% of its 2,000 students participate in the school’s acclaimed Academy of Global Logistics program. ‘Ours is a unique pathway that is part of the Long Beach Unified School District,’” Cabrillo teacher and academy co-pathway lead, Jim Dowing, tells Transport Topics. They have students interested in working within supply chain management and schools like this give them the chance to learn in a work-based environment to gain real life experience. It gives them the chance to gain exposure within the industry before working in it.

Cabrillo High also has a partnership with nearby Port of Long Beach, Long Beach City College and California State University-Long Beach. This will allow the program to have longevity and not have to stand on its own. These partnerships also allow for students to have direct access to different opportunities within transportation starting right at home.

As reported by Transport Topics the U.S Department of Labor has reported 468,000 open jobs in transportation as of March, as well as warehousing and the utility sector. Programs and schools like these are vital to current issues, especially the lack of workers currently in the transportation industry.