How clean air regulation pushes trucking companies to Biodiesel


As mentioned before, the trucking industry is actively in a state of significant change, especially due to the diesel shortage and fast-paced technology growth. A lot of the technological advancements have been in telematics, equipment features and data management. Automated trucking technology is also making a quick rise with companies like Tesla dropping self-driving trucks soon. More recently, electric logging devices have gotten more traction and have become more advanced than ever. Leaders in government and in the trucking industry are pushing for environmental sustainability for the changes brought on by climate change. Climate change is very real and quickly requiring us to step away from current operations and move towards technologically advanced methods.

The transportation sector is THE largest contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in America. Medium and large/heavy duty trucks account for 25% of those emissions contributing to our climate change. Moving towards a sustainable solution is the only way we can keep up with the countless and unexpected demands within the trucking industry. With higher diesel prices, war torn countries not being able to import and export across borders, a global pandemic and the biggest truck driver shortage, it is only right to take a sustainable approach.