How did you get your CB handle?

Did you know that today is National CB Radio day! On October 2, 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued a statement of proclamation indicating that October 4 is National CB Radio Day acknowledging the use of the radio for emergency communication with those on and off the road allowing many to participate in the improvement of our public safety.

CB radios allow people to communicate over short distances. Many use CB handles that are nicknames given to CB radio users. This became extremely popular in the 1970s as it found its way to mass media. CB handles were being used to maintain a certain level of invisibility but also a way to express themselves. Handles are usually funny, practical, and somewhat descriptive of what the trucker’s interest might be.

Here are some things truckers consider when choosing a CB handle:

Your personality. What best describes who you are?

Conversation style. Are you more of a fast or slow talker?

Perception. Some truckers choose handles based on how they want other truckers to see them when first hearing the handle.

Your interests. What are your hobbies and things you like to do for fun? Integrate some of your interests into your handle.

How did you get your CB handle?