How do you avoid driver fatigue? 

Driver fatigue and burnout can catch up to you very easily. Although burnout comes along after a prolonged period of different frustrations or stressors, fatigue is what you feel in the moment.  

Here are some things you can do you can do today and every day to ensure that you don’t feel fatigued during a drive. 

  • Get enough rest the night before 
  • Maintain a good posture 
  • Keep your environment stimulating (music, radio, pet, etc.)  
  • Stay hydrated and eat a good breakfast 
  • Break at truck stops  
  • Take short naps in between stops 
  • Open your windows when you begin to feel sleepy  

We know trucking long hours can get really tiring sometimes, so we hope these tips will help you during your next drive. If we notice moments of driver fatigue and don’t address them, many truckers will feel driver burnout as a long-term impact.