How fleets are using Technology to control fuel consumption

Increased levels of technology has been starting to make more of an appearance in the trucking industry, even more so as the cost of diesel continues to rise as it is already at an all time high. Due to such increasing costs, trucking companies are becoming more interested in technology that improves mile per gallon through a monitoring system. Due to the recent international events in Ukraine and Russia, the urgency to increase efforts to create efficiency is prevalent.

Some trucking companies are known for using telematics systems. These systems track report fuel consumption data for years at a time. The evolution of telematics systems have improved the efficiency for trucking companies, ensuring that the companies we see today are not the same companies we saw a few decades ago.

Along with advanced technology, planning more efficient routes is another way to create cost effective hauls. There are different technologies currently in the works that will help drivers create their own more efficient routes by entering different information such as length of haul, fuel tank size, etc.