How to tackle the trucking roads for the first time!

Written by Truck Drivers U.S.A

Trucking is one of the best industries to work in according to many. It takes hard work, commitment, determination, and a positive perspective to gain all the success! Many new drivers are so excited to get on the road and we want to help with a few reminders that can make the next haul a smoother one for you. Here a few things to keep in mind!


Having the right expectations – In this industry it is easy to assume what you know about trucking. Get rid of all that and start with a clean slate of what you think you know about trucking. There is so much versatility in the industry that it is hard to expect the same things. There might be days where you are only able to get minimal sleep, or the wind can be stronger than other days, mechanical difficulties is also a possibility. All this to say, flexibility will be your best friend. Adjust to your circumstances, don’t react!



Be confident, yet humble – even those that have been in the industry can attest to there always something new to learn! Have the confidence – but not everyone knows everything. Ironically, overconfident drivers have the most struggle and accidents than others. It is okay to make mistakes, learn from them and keep going. This industry is not like others and requires a certain level of understanding to fully enjoy the experience. Entering the industry in any other matter will keep you surprised throughout your time in the industry. Some people quit after just one mistake, not realizing that the skills acquired during a trucking career takes time to learn and build. Don’t beat yourself up!



Prepare for any challenges that may come your way – this goes hand in hand with letting go expectations. The weather, closed roads and detours and so many other variables can change the trajectory of your planned haul. That’s okay! Trucking has the potential to being one of the most challenging endeavors in your lifetime, so grant yourself grace when dealing with certain challenges.


Don’t be your worst enemy – in fact, you should be your greatest cheerleader! You’ll be on the road, a lot of the time alone. So it is vital that you maintain a positive outlook on yourself and the great job you’re doing with your haul. You are human, expect your productivity to be as such. As long as you are always doing your best and the results are speaking for it, everything will be okay. Remember to keep an open mind and learn from those who have been in the industry as every experience is a learning opportunity.