Howe’s Hall of Fame induction well-earned by truck driver

Howe’s Hall of Fame is dedicated to memorializing those in the truck driving industry who are upstanding people, committed to their role in keeping our country moving. Angelique Temple, a driver of 23 years and owner of Tornado Transport, has just been inducted into the hall of fame, as reported by The Trucker. 


Temple’s passion for truck driving began when she was 12 when she was in the car with her dad and saw a tanker truck also on the road. She told him that that is what she wanted to do when she was older, to which her dad replied there was no way she would become a truck driver.  


When she turned 21 Temple moved to Virginia – where she earned both her CDL and HAZMAT certifications. She was now a truck driver, behind the wheel of a tanker truck, moving loads of gasoline and other hazardous materials for 20 years.  


Over these 20 years her distinguished ability and fast-paced rhythm in hauling loads garnered her the nickname Tornado. Despite the chaotic connotations of this nickname, Temple was granted safety award after safety award and was sought out by some of the nation’s most notable chemical companies.  


Temple has been honored many times before. The Women of Distinction Magazine named her a distinguished professional in 2015. The FMCSA Driver Panel and the Women in Trucking Image Team, both accepted her as a standing member. On top of all this, she has bypassed two million miles of driving, incident-free.  


She is not only committed to her career, but to her personal life. Temple has six children and to be an active part of raising them, she has logged late night and early morning hours on the road.  


Her proficiency and dedicated to the trucking industry allowed her to start her own company, Tornado Transport, in 2021.  


“The whole time that I was working for companies, it wasn’t just me working. It was me planning and building relationships, getting all my information, and putting all my ducks in a row,” Temple said. “I had to know that when I went out on my own, I was going to be successful and not have to turn back.” 


Along with starting her own trucking company, her and her son are collaborating to start a top-of-the-line community center.  


“A community center where people can come and learn, come and swim, come and hear lectures,” Temple said. “We’ll have a daycare.” 


With all these admirable projects, she still finds more time in her day to rescue and raise pit bulls. These pups often ride along with her on her routes! 


“If I’m not helping people, I’m helping animals,” Temple said. “Either way, somebody’s getting helped. Like it or not, it’s just what it is.” 


Erika Howes, vice president of business development at Howes, knew Temple had to be inducted into their hall of fame.  


“Angelique is more than just a hard-working driver or flourishing entrepreneur,” Howes said. “She is an absolutely amazing person. The minute we heard about Angelique, we were interested in her story. But as soon as we spoke with her, we were truly captivated. She oozes positivity and demonstrates the ultimate can-do attitude. It’s been clear from the start that nothing will ever hold her back. She is the type of person who exemplifies what it means to be a role model.”