“I’m coming over whether you like it or not!”

Dash cam video captures a construction zone battle between a trucker who needs to merge left for a lane closure and another driver who won’t back off to let him over.

The dash cammer and Reddit user JudgeRightly describes the incident:

“I had been trying to pass him for a long time before this. This was my one opportunity to pass him that wouldn’t require me to hold up traffic because of the fact that my truck is only slightly faster than him. I had tried before (prior to these clips) to back off his tail and give him some room, but I still eventually got to the point where I was right behind him again…

If he ran into the construction zone, it would have been his own fault for not slowing down and yielding. His lane was ending, mine was not. He’s the one wanting to merge, and therefore it’s his responsibility to merge safely.
I will do everything I can to avoid a collision. But I’m not going to be a pushover when someone’s lane is ending and he doesn’t have the decency to recognize I’m not going to let him over to slow down.”