Jimmy Dean gifts charitable Virginia trucker breakfast for a year

An act of kindness from one Virginia truck driver has gone viral and earned him a year’s supply of breakfast, Trucker News staff reported last week.

After spending over seven hours stranded with hundreds of other drivers on Interstate 95 in Virginia on Tuesday, OTR truck driver Jean-Carlo Gachet warmed up a Jimmy Dean bacon, egg and cheese breakfast bowl in his truck’s microwave.  He delivered it, with a cup of fruit punch, to the driver behind him.

“Us as truckers, we have resources; we have water we have food,” Gachet told reporters. “Just knowing I could step out and lend someone a hand like that meant a lot to me.”

A video of the act of kindness went viral, and CNN interviewed Gachet from the cab of his truck while he was still stranded hours later.

By Wednesday, the Jimmy Dean company was offering Gachet a year’s worth of the brand’s breakfast, along with a generous donation of 100,000 breakfasts to Feeding America.

A Jimmy Dean spokesperson told Trucker News that the brand “was inspired by his act of generosity and morning optimism.”

Story courtesy of TheTrucker.com.