Keeping track of U.S. diesel supply

Fuel experts have said that there shouldn’t be any concern over a U.S. fuel shortage; however, Love’s officials are saying that they are “actively monitoring the diesel supply situation in Arizona, Utah, and surrounding areas as refinery issues and production delays in California top the long list of problems creating these constraints,” as reported by The Trucker.

The truck stop published a news release addressing the supply shortages some of their locations are facing.

“While we are seeing some intermittent fuel outages, Love’s does not currently anticipate that these will be long term,” the truck stop said. “If the supply situation deteriorates to a larger scale and longer duration outages become unavoidable, we will communicate alternative locations where fuel will be available.”

Despite the stress that is certain to come to the nationwide truck stop, they are prioritizing the needs of their customers.

“[We are] committed to utilizing all available resources to secure and deliver product to prevent or minimize impacts to our customers,” Love’s said.

They encourage customers to use the Love’s Connect App to track fuel supplies at specific locations and avoid the frustration of pulling up to an empty pump.

Energy officials have been working hard to combat the swirling rumors about a nationwide fuel shortage and its implications. They continue to emphasize that the country will not run out of fuel anytime soon.

Despite data from the Energy Information Administration showing a 26-day diesel supply, the data does not consider continued diesel production. Patrick De Haan, a fuel analyst from GasBuddy, a fuel price tracking software, offered his expert opinion.

He said that while some regions may experience “extremely tight” fuel supplies, shortages at individual stations do not reflect a plausible future for the entire country’s supply.