LogRock handles compliance issues

Carrier compliance is a commonly heard phrase in the trucking industry. Making sure that your fleet abides by the established industry standards. These standards mandate when freight should be delivered, where it should be delivered, and the condition in which it should be delivered.

LogRock is a trucking compliance technology that makes establishing carrier compliance easier, and helps carriers avoid one of the most encountered issues: compliance, as reported by Freightwaves.com

“If you look at trucking from the outside, you would think the most important thing to keep your eye on is the driver,” said LogRock co-founder and CEO Hunter Yaw. “Yet, many of the challenges carriers face on a daily basis come from issues with compliance.”

LogRock, established in 2021, closed a $3.5 million seed deal with Dynamo Ventures in May. They just closed another deal, this time with Better Tomorrow Ventures, of $2 million. These investments go into helping carriers navigate through compliance issues.

Relieving carriers of dealing with such issues is pertinent, as only this year, over half of U.S. fleets have received a status of “conditional” or “unsatisfactory” from the FMCSA, according to LogRock.

Jake Gibson, a founding partner of Better Tomorrow Ventures, recognizes how important it is for trucking companies to prioritize compliance.

“With lawsuits on the rise and freight markets cooling, LogRock is well positioned to help fleets save real money by staying off the FMCSA’s radar and steering clear of avoidable court cases,” he said.