Looking for a Way to Optimize Truckload Operations? Magnus Technologies May Have the Answer

human and artificial intelligence

Magnus Technologies, a leading software-as-a-service provider, has introduced cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements aimed at boosting the efficiency and proactivity of truckload planners, customer service representatives, and other knowledge workers.

With over two decades of experience in developing and deploying enterprise transportation management software (TMS), Magnus Technologies has a solid foundation, particularly in auto-hauling.

“Truckload carriers are accustomed to using TMS platforms with manual processes, static views and data grids for load planning and other functions,” said Jay Delaney, director of product management at Magnus Technologies. “We broke the mold, redefining the user experience with data visualizations and AI-driven enhancements that deliver breakthrough fleet management capabilities.”

The Magnus Platform offers users advanced visibility into freight and capacity within their planning regions, projecting up to five days ahead, providing valuable foresight for planning.

“The platform’s comprehensive metrics, customizable views, and accurate forecasting tools enable users to strategically reposition resources to balance freight networks, transforming empty miles and dwell time into revenue,” the news release stated. “The Magnus Platform also enriches load planning with dynamic map visualizations, including real-time weather, traffic, and color-coding to identify exceptions.”

Among its recent innovations is the Magnus EDI Manager, empowering users to establish rules for automatic acceptance of customer load tenders via EDI and other data exchange methods.

“Additionally, it helps companies make better-informed decisions regarding accepting or declining orders by providing industry-first visibility of network balance, lane guidance, and customer volume commitments,” the news release stated.

Plus, Magnus Customer Tracking Portal enhances transparency and end-to-end shipment visibility for fleets. This portal includes accurate shipment ETA predictions based on a comprehensive range of variables.

Additionally, Magnus has incorporated new features into its TMS platform, such as truckload rate calculations, accessory charges, hourly driver pay, and yard check capabilities supporting dropped trailers, complete with cargo and location status visibility, giving carriers a high level of insight and control into truckload operations.



Source: The Trucker