Love’s cancels plans for truck stop in Montana after years of community opposition

Ramsay, MT – Love’s has canceled plans for a truck stop complex off Interstate 90 near Ramsay, Montana, after years of opposition from residents and clearing procedural and regulatory hurdles.

According to the Montana Standard, Ramsay residents have been opposed to the project since it was announced in January 2017. Many residents feared that the truck stop would bring traffic, noise, pollution, transients, and crime to their 40-house, five-square-block community.

The Trucker reported “The truck stop’s plans included a convenience store, Arby’s restaurant, casino, tire shop and spaces for 111 semis. A lagoon system was planned to handle sewage.” Love’s said the truck stop would bring more jobs and commercial activity to the area. It would have also provided truckers and motorists with 24-hour access to products at a clean, safe place to rest and fuel up. Click here for full story