Mark your calendars: safety inspection week is Aug 21-27

We know it might seem far, but the inspection will be here sooner than you expect. You’ve got a little over 2 months to prepare your trucks and trailers for Brake Safety Week. As reported by TruckerNews the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced the week of August 21 for this year’s Brake Safety Week. It’s an annual “commercial motor vehicle brake safety inspection, enforcement, and education initiative conducted by law enforcement jurisdictions in Canada, Mexico and the United States.” Inspectors will conduct level I and V inspections that will be reported to CVSA. Brake related violations are at a high percentage and increasing.

To address this concern, the CVSA’s Brake Safety Week has set some goals:

– Identify and remove commercial motor vehicles with critical vehicle inspection violations

– Conduct inspections for commercial vehicles that don’t have critical violations to identify and affix those vehicles with a CVSA decal

– Encourage proactive maintenance prior to the week

– Remind drivers and carriers the importance of brake safety

– Provide outreach and educational brake-safety efforts with inspectors

During the inspections, here’s some of what to expect

– Looking for any missing or non-functioning parts anywhere on the brake system

– Listen for audible air leaks

– Inspect brake warning devices Want to learn more about how you can prepare for an inspection and how to stay safe? Click here for the full story!