Maryland State Trooper Rescues Tow Truck Driver

While on the scene of a crash on I-495 in Silver Spring, MD on May 24, 2022, Maryland State Police Trooper Jason Reid watched as a 51-year-old tow truck operator worked to removed a damaged Chevrolet Equinox. As the driver attempted to attach the winch to the underside of the vehicle, the vehicle fell from the tow truck and onto the tow truck driver.

When Trooper Reid saw this, he acted quickly to use the tow truck controls to lower the bed to the ground. Reid then repositioned it under the Equinox and lifted it off of the tow truck driver. Reid pulled the driver from under the Equinox. The driver was treated for his injuries at Suburban Hospital.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan stated, “I want to thank Maryland State Trooper Jason Reid for his quick and heroic actions to save a tow truck driver who was trapped underneath an SUV in Silver Spring. Whether on or off duty, Maryland’s Finest are always ready to run toward danger in order to protect the rest of us.”

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