Meet the money architect representing Black women in the trucking industry

Vanessa Gant, a mom, entrepreneur, and CEO of Provisions Accounting Solutions is originally from South Carolina. Raising her two boys as a single mother, she decided to pursue an associate degree, where she was shortly after introduced to the trucking industry. She was presented with an opportunity to join a freight forwarder’s office as an accountant. She recognized that she was working as a double minority working in a male-dominated occupation. She faced some challenges, but she learned a lot in the trucking industry and it set her up for success. Working In transportation, she was the only person that looked like herself in a management position. She recognized that she was also getting paid less than her peers but was doing more work.

These obstacles are what inspired her to create her business model for Provisions Accounting Solutions. She envisioned a company that would allow people to be proactive about their finances and create their own visions surrounding it. She even wrote a book, 10 Financial Mistakes That Put Truck Fleets Owners and Owner-Operators out of Business. She wants to ensure that when people are buying trucks and starting their trucking companies, they are aware of what it takes to maintain and profit in the trucking industry. She wrote the book for those who are new to the industry and for those that have been in it for years. No matter what stage a business is in, it will be helpful. She will also be hosting workshops to help trucking business, especially small and minority owned businesses.