Michigan State to crack down on I-75 drivers for state traffic enforcement operation

Detroit, MI – Michigan State Police troopers are going to be cracking down on commercial vehicles, specifically to reduce traffic crashes. Detroit CBS Local reported that, “State police say the traffic enforcement operation, ‘Stay Alive on I-75,’ will span from the Michigan/Ohio state line to the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie.”

The initiative is currently in place as it started on August 7 and will continue through August 13. According to police, troopers will focus on commercial vehicle violations “that are most likely to contribute to a crash,” such as distracted driving, following too closely, improper passing, speeding, improper lane use, and slow down and move over violations. The initiative is part of the statewide Drive Toward Zero Deaths traffic safety campaign, which is based on the national strategy for highway safety that seeks to reduce the number of traffic deaths nationwide. Click here for the full story.