New higher pay, bonuses and more announced for truck drivers at Tyson Foods

February 3, 2022 (Springdale, Ark.) – Tyson Foods recently announced its largest pay increase
ever for truck drivers in its refrigerated division while also enhancing time off, layover pay and
per diem benefits. The updated pay package went into effect January 31.

“We’re always looking for ways to enhance our drivers’ experiences and feed their future,” said
Mike Franco, Tyson Foods Director of Driver Recruiting. “We are pleased to announce we have
implemented a 4 cents per mile (CPM) across the board pay increase for drivers in our
refrigerated division. This increase, combined with other enhancements, equates to a 10%
increase in our drivers’ earnings. Now, our reefer division drivers can earn $85,000+ per year.”

According to Franco, Tyson Foods continuously monitors driver pay to remain competitive to
both retain current drivers and recruit new drivers into its private fleet.

In addition to the pay increase in the refrigerated division, Tyson Foods has announced an
increase in its safety bonus if all qualifications are met in the calendar year. “This is a
progressive bonus so as long as you’re a safe driver, which means meeting our safety
requirements, your bonus goes up,” says Franco. “For example, for safe driving in the first
quarter, drivers earn an additional 1 CPM; for safe miles in second quarter, drivers earn an
additional 2 CPM, and so on. The bonus increases each quarter up to an added 4 CPM by fourth
quarter. Then the bonus starts over at the start of the next fiscal year. Potential safety bonus
money adds up to $3,300 for the year.”

In 2021, Tyson also added about $6,011 per driver in bonuses, 401(k) and stock matching.

Tyson’s Layover Policy has also been addressed and improved. “The main improvement is that
layover qualifying time has changed from an 18-hour period to a 12-hour period,” says Franco.
“All other requirements remain the same, including the $100 pay out. For example, Tyson Foods
will pay $100 if its company driver is not loaded (or repositioned over 200 miles) within 12
hours of prior scheduled delivery appointment.”

The IRS has increased the per diem allowances based on the increased cost for drivers to live out
on the road. Tyson Foods is passing that savings along to truck drivers by increasing the per
diem allowance by .01 cent per mile, and not taking any cuts.

To give drivers time to rest and catch up on family time, Tyson Foods offers the ability to earn
additional time off. For drivers, this can equate to two additional vacation days in a calendar

Tyson Foods also offers weekly home time, a generous group health plan as low as $15.50/week,
100% no touch freight and much more. To join Tyson’s private fleet, applicants must be at least
21 years old and have at least 9 months of verifiable tractor-trailer experience within the last
year, a valid CDL-A in your state of residence and live within one of the company’s hiring areas.
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