New Legislation Targets Truck Parking in Several States

Semi truck parked on side of road next to no parking sign

Available truck parking is a widespread issue, but recent data indicates some improvement across the nation. In 2019, a Jason’s Law survey identified approximately 313,000 truck parking spaces nationwide, with 40,000 spaces at public rest areas and 273,000 at private truck stops. The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association emphasizes that increasing safe truck parking is crucial for enhancing road safety.


Minnesota has approved funding to boost truck parking facilities. As part of a large spending bill signed by Governor Tim Walz, $7.75 million is allocated in fiscal year 2025 for the construction and expansion of truck parking along Interstate 94, particularly at the Big Spunk Lake Rest Area in Avon and the Enfield Rest Area. Additionally, $4.8 million is designated for truck parking safety projects within the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to help drivers who are close to their driving limits. A report from the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) echoes this need, recommending that MnDOT consider both internal and external funding sources for truck parking improvements. Currently, MnDOT provides 677 truck parking spaces at 51 rest area locations across the state.


Following Minnesota’s lead, Georgia has made strides on the same issue. A new law mandates a statewide plan for freight and logistics that includes truck parking as a key component. This 20-year plan, with annual progress updates, focuses on widening highways, improving intermodal capacities, and enhancing truck parking and safety. This legislation stems from a Senate study committee formed to explore how trucking impacts the economy and supply chains. Recommendations include collaborating with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) to expand truck parking and curb unauthorized truck parking. The law highlights the importance of safe and efficient freight movement to Georgia’s economy and future growth.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, a proposed Senate bill seeks to ensure that new warehouse developments include sufficient truck parking. Bill A3370, introduced by Assemblyman Sterley Stanley, requires large warehouses to provide enough onsite parking to prevent trucks from parking inappropriately on local properties or rights-of-way during night hours. Municipalities would have the authority to adjust the required number of parking spaces through zoning ordinances. Introduced in February, the bill is under review by the Assembly State and Local Government Committee. Concurrently, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is soliciting feedback from truck drivers on improving truck parking, with an open comment period until June 16.

New York

New York has proposed several bills focusing on truck parking. One bill, S518, proposes a $1,000 fine for semi-trailers or trailers left parked or unattended on New York City streets. The current fine is a $160 towing fee, which many consider insufficient to deter illegal parking.


Source: Land Line