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New members initiated into trucking Hall of Fame

The skilled professionals in the drivers’ seats of U.S. commercial trucks are the backbone of the country; they are what keeps our economy afloat, stock grocery store shelves, and allow Americans to receive the goods they need for their daily lives. Remembering the legacy of exceptional truck drivers was a practice long overlooked in America, however, people are beginning to realize the importance of recognizing the specific individuals who sit behind the wheel to keep our country running.

“For too long trucking professionals have been receiving prestigious awards, only to then be forgotten,” said Laurence Gration, American Trucking and Industry Leader Hall of Fame (AITL) director. “The ATIL Hall of Fame will allow proper recognition to continue and expand the awareness of the excellent work trucking professionals do as they contribute daily to our society.”

The American Truck Historical Society is responsible for recognizing leaders of the trucking industry, and then inducting them into the AITL Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is in Kansas City and each year grows to include more trucking industry leaders. This year saw five new trailblazers inducted into the Hall of Fame, as reported by Truckers News.

The 2022 Hall of Fame inductees were recently announced to the public. They include Earl and Lillian Congdon, the founding team of Old Dominion Freight Line; Bill and Carolyn Moon, the founding team of the Iowa 80 Group; and Leland James, the founder of Freightliner Trucks.

And just because you’ve received the honor once doesn’t mean you can’t receive it again for continued efforts toward growth and prosperity for the trucking industry.

“(American Truck Historical Society) is pleased to welcome back past inductee recipient and ATHS Visionary Partner, Cummins; and past inductee and radio trucking great Dave Nemo, who will be the Master of Ceremony,” said Tom Mullen, Hall of Fame chair.

Mullen went on to express the American Truck Historical Society’s hopes for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in the future.

“We hope to continue to grow this event each year,” he said. “There is no better way to honor the trucking industry than by celebrating professional drivers and trucking industry leaders.”