New Survey Shows the Respect Americans have for Professional Drivers

man in work boots walking towards semi truck

CloudTrucks recently surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults through the Pollfish third-party survey platform to learn more about Americans’ perspectives on the trucking industry. Termed the 2023 How America Talks Trucks Survey, the expansive survey included respondents from all 50 states across the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West.

Unveiling key findings, the survey illuminated that Americans, regardless of region, harbor predominantly positive views toward truck drivers. The consensus remains strong across the nation, with 80% of respondents acknowledging the crucial role truck drivers play in the economy. The South stood out, with residents expressing confidence in their understanding of the trucking industry.

Despite the positive sentiments, the survey uncovered lingering stereotypes. Around 21% of respondents associated truck drivers with older white males adorned with tattoos, while 13% perceived them as reckless, disregarding traffic rules and safety precautions. However, the majority offered more positive characterizations, with 35% describing drivers as industrious, overworked, and underpaid, and 32% highlighting their reliability and punctuality.

The survey explored what comes to mind when thinking of truck drivers. While some limiting stereotypes persisted, with 21% associating drivers with specific demographics and behaviors, a significant portion of respondents – 48% – expressed respect for the hard work, sacrifices, and contributions of truck drivers. An additional 46% indicated an interest in learning more about the drivers’ travels and experiences within the trucking industry.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that negative assumptions about truck drivers’ politics, education, or other traits were less common among respondents. This nuanced and largely positive perception shows the respect with which Americans view professional driving. Insights like these allow the industry to benefit from a better understanding of public sentiments and allow the public to learn more about the vital role played by truck drivers in our society.

“It’s great to see that so many people value and feel positively about truck drivers and the work they do,” said Tobenna Arodiogbu, co-founder and CEO, CloudTrucks. “Most freight in the U.S. is moved by trucks so drivers and the trucking industry as a whole are absolutely essential to our daily existence. Perhaps positive perceptions will continue to grow as consumer activities like e-commerce become more popular and the general public interacts more with the trucking industry via experiences like package tracking. We have to keep working to ensure this value translates monetarily to drivers.”




Source: The Trucker